Blue John fluorite is found on Treak Cliff near the village of Castleton, a few miles from Tideswell. It is typically found in veins about 3 inches thick in a variety of patterns and shades of purple and blue. It has been worked since about 1750, and fashioned into a wide range of bowls, dishes and urns which have graced many of the great houses of this country.

It would now be extremely difficult to find pieces of stone large enough for some of the great projects that were undertaken in this medium in the last century. It is, however, still possible to find pieces which can be fashioned into unique articles and the following are some of the items we currently have in stock.





Exceptional section of Winnat's One Vein approximately 4½" x 4" and 3/8" thick highly polished on both sides.


Fine egg from the Five Vein in a "made-to-measure" Blue John egg cup.The whole stands about 3½" tall with the egg weighing 8oz.




Striking Five Vein bowl 2¾" in diameter.



Delicately banded Five Vein bowl 3¼" in diameter.



Small but very colourful bowl 1¾" in diameter.


A delicate 5-Vein bowl 2½" in diameter.


Table-knife with finely-patterned Blue John handle. Overall length 7".


If you want to find out more  about this very special material you really need to read Trevor Ford's book "Derbyshire Blue John". Soft backed, 112 pp  and a wealth of colour photographs of some of incredible pieces of work. This is certainly the most comprehensive account of Blue John ever published.

Price (incl. postage) £7.50  $12


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